Workshops offer a great opportunity to benefit from the achievements and mistakes of other participants. We offer four types of workshop:

In House: your team trains within a relatively small group; the coach comes to you.

 Offsite: participants learn a lot more, are happier and better able to learn new skills when the office is far away, mobiles are switched off and the secretaries with their urgent signature requests are out of sight. Yes, it costs your company more; you also get more because the participants are more receptive, can apply their knowledge faster - and you save having to send them to a follow-up seminar.

• Event Crash Class: a really worthwhile alternative to a stimulus event-speech, comprising units lasting two to three hours. More intensive than a keynote speech and shorter than a workshop, they represent a welcome relief and are real highlight within content-heavy conference schedules. They provide enduring motivational and creativity-enhancing impulses.    

 Open Seminar: within Europe Karin Kuschik is exclusively represented through, an enterprise that offers expert consultation in all change processes and, beyond this, promotes concepts for the maximization of potential – through stimulating seminars in exclusive and special locations.  


This is perfect for you if you want to make a great impression by means of expression. Let’s be clear: it’s not about what you want to say; it’s about whether anyone wants to hear it. Who do we listen to? Those who surprise us with interesting „ear catchers“, people who are good at story telling. This is the only way to impress a client in a beauty contest. This workshop will show you how you can easily captivate an audience through optimal dramaturgy, targetalk!, body language and use of media. Reach your goals through authenticity, clarity and competence.   

And when you also manage to replace stage fright with joyful anticipation we’ve really reached our goal. Optimal success! 

Your ability to strengthen individual profiles and personalities is impressive and it was an extremely valuable experience, an enrichment on every level!


Partner Ernst & Young, Eschborn


Are you somebody who „needs to look for a parking space“ or a „would like to find one“ person? Do you tell your secretary: „Whatever happens, don’t forget!“ Or do you say: „Please, be sure to remember!“ Both statements have the same intention, but reflect a radically different attitude. One person is saying what he doesn’t want while the other is expressing what he wants to happen. There’s a good chance each will get what he is talking about.

Karin Kuschik loves language, with its wealth of nuances and subtle shades of meaning. She is an expert at being able to hear what the other person isn’t saying.

She developed the targetalk!® method so that you can benefit from her insights. A compact and systematic workshop that focuses on the crucial relationship between the power of thought and the force of language. Learn to express yourself in an active, precise and goal-oriented manner; an ability that eliminates misunderstandings and is particularly useful for people who value efficient communication and prefer investing their energy in solutions rather than problems.


With this workshop the coach is essentially making himself redundant: we open the lid on our chest of coaching treasures and give you insights into our valuable array of professional tools. You will find effective methods and questioning techniques that will enable you, step by step, to rid yourself of troublesome issues – without needing a coach.


Indispensable for managers who wish to know how they can better lead their teams, and beneficial for anyone who wants to be their own best coach.    

Coaching Karin Kuschik

For starters: we don’t believe in sales. But we do believe in people, in honesty, self-responsibility and passion. These are prerequisites for excellence in sales. The best sales people are the ones who are believable. And whom do we believe? We believe those who are interested in others, listen, enjoy finding solutions and who strike us as being totally authentic. This workshop does not satisfy a thirst for quick-fix solutions based on tools, tips and tricks. It offers more than mere strategies.

You learn to establish yourself in a way that makes strategies obsolete. Because you’ll know who you are, what you want and what you represent. You’ll know what the buyer has a right to expect and what not. You’ll see how satisfied clients turn into delighted clients and this allows you to come across as truly interested rather than just pushy.


Grow is a consultancy for new approaches to thinking and acting and it stands for the development of potential within enterprises. Karin Kuschik offers this two-day seminar as part of Grow’s open programme schedule:
Life is a conversation with our selves.    

The art of laser-sharp communication – get your message across clearly and confidently.

Boosting your employees and partners’ self-responsibility and self-motivation through purposeful use of language and expression.

How you, as a manager, can use language to set a tone which encourages others to be themselves.

Cordial and sincere, yet consequent in the pursuit of your goals? Find out how this „balancing act“ can succeed.

How you can learn to have charisma, since it is not something you are born with.

Dates for 2017 have not yet been finalized.


"Karin Kuschik is the woman behind the top managers, the person they rely on.

When the going gets tough, she gets going."