When someone has been moderating international events for 20 years and coaching speakers for 15 years, they know how to enthrall an audience.

That’s why Karin Kuschik’s appearances as a speaker are so convincing and authentic: entertaining, stirring and always highly relevant.


„It just can’t be true!“, „It’s a matter of common sense!“, „Impossible!“
Except: it’s not. It happens constantly, millions of times, all over the world: misunderstandings, misinterpretations, talking past each other. Interpersonal relationships are hard work, especially in the world of business and that may be one reason some people are reluctant to add to their workload by investing in soft skills and communication strategies.

And yet, the people most affected my miscommunications are the ones with the least time to deal with them: top managers.

In her entertaining lecture, „Miss Understanding“ explains how beneficial a playfully enacted change of perspective can be in defusing misunderstandings and freeing up your time to deal with the really important issues.


We’re confused. We confuse questions directed at ourselves with answers we give to others; we are offered excuses when we requested information and we often get murky results even though our demands were crystal clear. In this state of confusion, we lose sight of our overriding goals. Individual sensibilities, mobbing, burn-out and bore-out become the dominant factors.


The work environment can be a wasp’s nest of relationship issues. That can be changed when we learn to communicate efficiently and constructively and when we realize that life is basically a dialogue with our selves. This realization clears the path to increased self-confidence, self-determination and self-responsibility – that is: more self and less ego.

Stage Coach Karin Kuschik

Bankers, consultants, film producers, managers, journalists – everyone pitches their story. All the time. Every day. Whether we realize we are doing so or not. We’re at it when we meet someone, when we say goodbye, in interviews, on the phone, when we’re in a lift.


The famous elevator pitch becomes increasingly urgent – especially when we’ve blown it. Subconsciously, we’re permanently zapping our way through life, categorizing people and situations in the blink of an eye.

Above all: it’s being done to us as well. There’s no second chance for the first impression, we believe, and then we talk ourselves into a corner. How does the image we project bear up to the much acclaimed virtue of authenticity? Aren’t these contradictory demands?


„Authenticity in a Virtual World“ is the paradoxical title of this lecture, jam-packed with „real-life“ stories from the world of business. A plea for more self-possession and inner confidence.   


Karin is an expert at presenting even dry, sober facts in a way that makes others want to hear them. She’s demonstrated this time and again on many levels: in radio, as a C-level coach, on TV, on stage, as an author, in film... and as keynote speaker. Life, on every level, has a lot to do with credible storytelling. That’s why, in her pitch workshops, she supports teams in finding their unique equity story and win their next pitch.

Karin packs her experiences into an anecdotal firework of best practice and worst stories: a wake-up call to explore new perspectives and horizons.

Moderatorin Karin Kuschik

"Karin Kuschik is the woman behind the top managers, the person they rely on.

When the going gets tough, she gets going."