Famous people often confuse status and ability. Being „on air“ doesn’t make you great. And if you are great it doesn’t mean you should stop learning. Robert de Niro is fantastic, yet he works with a coach on each new film. So, perhaps it’s ongoing self-improvement that is the mark of the true professional.

And it’s often the case that actors, politicians, presenters and other celebrities are supremely confident in their jobs but feel uncomfortable when they’re „put on the spot“ in a different situation. Talk shows, interviews, red carpets... can be a lot of fun, but they can also be torturous events. The coach can optimally prepare you for these situations so that you will soon enjoy these events in a relaxed and self-confident manner.


You’re promoting your book or your latest film in a talk show; you’ve got a slot at a press conference, or you’re embarking on an interview tour? Actors, especially, often feel uncomfortable when they step outside the roles that millions admire them for and are supposed to just be themselves. Professional preparation is vital. Slip out of your role and turn the tables: important is what you want to say, not what you are asked. This way, you’re not casting yourself into the unknown, but remain strong and true to yourself.


As a professional who has conducted more than 2600 interviews herself, Karin knows how journalists operate. She can familiarize you their „tricks of the trade“, to enable you to deliver the interviews you want and feel comfortable answering all the questions no one is asking you - without anyone noticing this, of course.

Why didn’t I do this ten years ago? Really fantastic!


Actress, Berlin


This training exclusively deals with the attitude that determines the outcome of a casting for an actor or tv host. How do I want to present myself? What do I want to achieve? How do I prepare as an individual? How do I deal with stage fright? What is my winning strategy and how do I leave a lasting impression?


It has an immensely calming effect when, after your session, you know the answers to these questions. It enables you to concentrate on what earned you your invitation to the casting in the first place: your job.

She makes people shine!


film director

Los Angeles


People who hold speeches have one thing in common: the desire to get their message across. That doesn’t automatically make them first-rate, enthralling, motivating or entertaining. You’d be surprised how bored key note audiences often are – in 20 years of event presentation the list of derogatory comments Karin Kuschik has overheard behind the scenes is long.


So, if you’re a speaker, please engage, polish your style grow beyond your present format. As a listener, you know how boring a speech can be! Give your audience what it deserves: a stimulating, inspiring and entertaining experience.

Karin is a real „secret weapon“ that every agent should benefit from. Worth her weight in gold!


Mega Model Agency 



If you’re a politician, CEO, head of a family enterprise, scientist, or other kind of expert asked to give a speech, you’re probably there because of your know-how rather than a desire to be in the limelight. Do yourself a favour: ignore the content for a moment - focus on the wrapping. There’s simply no point in trying to present something if nobody wants to hear. Make sure you’re presentation is indeed a present! So many speeches by top decision makers don’t reach their audiences because the content is so drably packaged that people are turned off. The wrapping is vital – not because the content is inferior, but precisely because it is valuable.

Working with her has been an invaluable experience. She has given my stage persona authenticity.


Magician, Berlin


Something for successful presenters and hosts who want to be even better or, at least, feel better in their jobs. Based on a show or stage performance, the coach analyses how the person comes across, gives advice, suggests alternatives, questions, and encourages them try out new approaches. Professionals, in particular, often don’t watch their own performances and are often startled when they realize how their perception of themselves is at odds with other peoples’ perceptions.

Time for some fine-tuning: in an on-camera setting, coach and moderator work on the style of the presentation. The subsequent video analysis enables the moderator to spot idiosyncrasies and mannerisms he or she may wish to – and can then effectively – correct, boosting self-confidence and performance authenticity.

"Karin Kuschik is the woman behind the top managers, the person they rely on.

When the going gets tough, she gets going."